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The Distributed ID Story

As everything moves online, current identity solutions are not enough to serve the needs of today’s customers. That was the axiom that DIID is based on – and the problem we wanted to solve. Born out of a warehouse and a hackathon in St. Louis, the DIID team realized they wanted to fix this pressing issue that is holding back many industries moving their businesses fully online.

Our goal is to develop a robust solution to digital identity. Our solution is aimed to enhance security, reliability, user satisfaction and reduce fraud. By using our platform, the consumer no longer has to trust third parties to secure their identity documents and they maintain complete control on the use of their identity. At the same time, they are able to verify themselves in such a way that these companies can provide authoritative agencies (such as governments) with the information provided to tie find the person in question in need of any legal injunctions needing to be filed.

Currently, our solution is being refined as we build trust between oracles and banks.

The Team

The Distributed ID team are made up of industry pioneers who have been working in the blockchain and tech space.

Duncan Brown - CEO

Duncan is the only Canadian on the team; having just finished his undergrad in software engineering, at the University of Western Ontario, he jumped at the opportunity to go St. Louis and further his blockchain knowledge at the hackathon where he would meet Dev, Shannon and Angelo. His background is a combination of systems architecture, object oriented languages and project management. A strong focus on Java development kept him excited through school and eager to learn. His courses in cryptography and distributed systems prepared him for his step into the blockchain space. His involvement with the blockchain started in 2012, when a friend introduced him to Bitcoin. He was instantly hooked and dove in headfirst. Getting his hands on Bitcoin and setting up a mining operation as soon as he could.

Dev Bharel - CTO

Dev is a third year undergraduate student exploring his passion for Computer Science at Illinois Tech in Chicago. A hacker at heart, Dev loves participating in (and organizing) hackathons. His inspiration comes from finding other students who love to write code with real world applications. Dev got into blockchain in high school, when assigned to do a research paper, he chose the up and coming cryptocurrency at that time, Bitcoin. The more he read, the more questions he had, and the more he was drawn in by elegance of blockchains. Dev’s current projects include working on building a better blockchain developer ecosystem in Chicago by hosting a series of blockchain developer workshops on university campuses. On team DIID, Dev is responsible for designing and refining the identity solution as well as the administrative duties of organizing team resources.

Angelo Saraceno - COO

Born and raised in Miami, Florida -  Angelo is a front-end engineer with Product Management chops. He is studying Computer Science at Florida International University. At Distributed ID he is the Chief Operations Officer where he handles the needs of the DIID team when it comes to logistics and client relations. He got into Blockchain when a friend of his showed him the Satoshi white-paper and ever since then he has dedicated his devangelist time to convince his friends to write apps on the blockchain. On his spare time, he likes to contribute to his local university incubator and participate in Hackathons.