A New Approach to Idenity

We take advantage of blockchain technology to provide an alternative to modern day identification. The blockchain provides an immutable record of you. The result? Less time to prove who you are.

Government Compliant

By using our platform, you no longer have to trust multiple third parties to prove who you are. We reduce the probability of fraud while adding security. Companies can now provide agencies (such as governments) with information provided to tie you to your actions. So instead of launching a long winded investigation, that fraudulent purchase is solved.

A Better User Experience

Traditional methods require that you provide alot of documents. That means scanning, pictures, signatures and long forms. We turn a time consuming process into a delight. You can now trust your customer's identity faster, turning processes that might cause user attrition into a system that draws more users to your products.

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Distributed Identity Project Wins First Place at Hackathon

A stunning debut from a multidisiplinary team of developers

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St. Louis Victory Lap for BEN Members

BEN student developers take first prize.

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